Are they dead, the others?


‘Are they dead, the others?’

‘Dead – yes, dead.’

‘Every one?’

‘Let’s just say they tried their utmost to escape the beast; albeit the attempt in itself was already condemned to failure. You wonder why? They were already long dead without even noticing it. They’d been so distastefully eager to live, that Life itself had fallen by the wayside. Everything they were preoccupied with became unnecessary burdens to drag around, dead weights to constantly shift about. Unceasing fear of death blinded them. It was impossible for them to either understand or even experience death. They could feel nothing. While they were desperately running after life, death had long since caught them up.’

‘If I wasn’t already mad, then…’

‘Naturally you are. You are mad. Mad on account of the road you’ve travelled. Mad from the way you’ve come, a way that was never yours. We all have our own way, crazy and far apart from the ways of others. Precious few tread their own path. So very few find the courage to do so. They prefer their compulsive tramping along such foreign paths as they mistake for their own; a false inheritance.

     ‘They diagnose you as spiritually disturbed, as sick, because you don’t fit into their world. They have only one world. And this they protect with all their narrowmindedness, with all their crushing hate. Hate of the unknown. Hate of their fear. Hate because of their fear. Hate because they see nothing, know nothing. We don’t need to look closely in order to know. And we must never turn to face our predator, for we are our own predator.’




  1. Kerling meets E. A. Poe (Meeting I – Excerpt from ‘Only a game’ )

Author: Svea Kerling

Translated by  Jürgen Olschewski



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