The Invitation …

At first it is nothing more than a shadow that creeps you out. Just a feeling. That moment, when the shadow touches you. Tenderly, he taps you on the shoulder. You shudder. The blood pulsates in your veins. Your head feels like exploding. Maybe it is just an illusion. You tell yourself everything is fine. You are not a child anymore and you don’t believe in fairies. You are right. You are not a child; anymore. What are you going to believe, when the darkness calls for you? Your faith has no meaning when you’re trying to break through the darkness with a rigid view? What are you going to believe, when the darkness calls for you? Running home and shut the door and wait until it’s over? I thought you are not a kid anymore? What will you do?

Will you accept her invitation? Silly one, you have no other choice. You are already home.




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